uBook64 v3

uBook64 v3

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With the "uBook64" board the dream of a small space-saving Commodore 64 becomes reality! The size is 184x146mm

Despite its small dimensions, this new board has all necessary connectors on board:

- S-Video Port

- Userport

- Tape Port

- Serial Port

- Joystick Ports

- Expansion Port

In addition to this, there is also the possibility of a headphone jack with volume control. Furthermore, the expansion port can be rotated as desired with the help of a separately available 180° expansion adapter additional board, and thus adapted to your own needs.

Features of Version 3:

- Teardrops on all pins

- VIC Dot Noise Fix (potentiometer)

- Better audio 9V/5V support (SID 8580/ARMSID)

- Ready for uSID64 stereo (A5-A9 pins for 2nd SID Socket Adapter board)

- 3 Pin Header for alternative 5V Regulators

The following PCB boards are supplied (only the unassembled boards, without components):

- uBook64


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Components Ordering help (no claim to completeness, may be out of date):

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-> S-Video Color Test Tool

-> S-Video Color Test 2 Tool

-> Multiple SIDs Test Tool

-> Dot Noise Calibration Tool