uAX64 - Sampler Card 64

uAX64 - Sampler Card 64

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With this Sampler Card 64 a dream comes true to record, play and convert high quality samples easily with the C64 and make music with it (for example a drum set), as well as play background music from the SDCard. Ideal for new C64 games and music programs.

Besides the uAX64 OPL2 Stereo Card, the uAX64 8x SID Card, the uAX64 Sampler 64 Card is one of the most interesting uAX64 Cards when it comes to sounds/music with the C64. Until now the C64 could only use samples in a very cumbersome and limited way, with this Sampler Card 64 it is now possible to play high quality samples, record to or load from SDCard, as well as edit the samples remotely (samples don't have to be loaded into the C64 memory!). Furthermore it is possible to convert the samples to 1-4 bit samples and load them into the C64 memory.

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- uAX64 - Sampler Card 64


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