uAX64 Mini "Long"

uAX64 Mini "Long"

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The "uAX64 Mini" Long impresses with its extremely narrow dimensions of only approx. 100x100mm. This means that it takes up very little space on the desk.

The following PCB boards are supplied (only the unassembled boards, without components):

- Module Board

- Interface board

- Interface Card

- CPU card

- RAM card

- Video Card

- Sound card

- Remote Keyboard Card USB/BT

On the right side of the interface card you can also plug in a Pi1541 Zero via an adapter board, so you have a 1541 "OnBoard".


-> Informations

-> Bild: 50 Pol Flat Ribbon Cable

-> BOM

-> Troubleshooting

Components Ordering help (no claim to completeness, may be out of date):

-> Reichelt CSV All

-> Reichelt CSV Module Board

-> Reichelt CSV Interface Board

-> Reichelt CSV Interface Card

-> Reichelt CSV CPU Card

-> Reichelt CSV RAM Card

-> Reichelt CSV Video Card

-> Reichelt CSV Sound Card

-> Reichelt CSV Remote Keyboard Card

-> Components from other sources


-> Firmware for Remote Keyboard Card USB/BT

-> Android C64 Remote Keyboard App

-> Multiple SIDs Test Tool

-> S-Video Color Test Tool

-> S-Video Color Test 2 Tool