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Tube64 is a slim 100x100mm C64 in tube form, with MIDI interface and 14 RGB LEDs for automatic SID Effects, or for manually control (Basic/Assembler)

Included are 10 boards:

- Power (12V, S-VIDEO, placeholder for optional HDMI Out)

- Connections (Userport, Tapeport, 2x Gameports, Floppy/Serial Port)

- Interface


- RAM (SRAM Adapter comaptible)

- ROMs

- Video

- Sound (3 SID Sockets)


- Top

At the top is the expansion port (vertical), so that a C64 module can be plugged in there vertically, as well as a controller chip with WS2811 RGB LEDs. The individual RGB LEDs can be controlled by a simple POKE command or via various selectable modes.

A Raspierry Pi Zero can be plugged directly onto the connections board, so that a Pi1541 drive is then "on-board".

Due to the built-in MIDI ports (DATEL compatible), this C64 is of course the ideal music machine with which you can immediately make music in the smallest of spaces.

C64LIGHT Standart

All information about the new standard, as well as how to control the modes and LEDs, can be found in the "Informations" document

The following PCB boards are supplied (only the unassembled boards, without components):

- "Tube64"


-> Informations

-> BOM

Firmware Download:

-> Firmware (for Final and Beta 2)

(to transfer the firmware to the Teensy via USB, the Teensy Loader can be used: File -> "Open HEX File")


-> Midi Monitor

-> Multiple SIDs Test Tool

-> S-Video Color Test Tool

-> S-Video Color Test 2 Tool

Beta 1/2 Files:

-> Informations Beta 1/2

-> Beta1 Firmware

Components Ordering help (no claim to completeness, may be out of date):

-> Reichelt CSV All

-> Reichelt CSV Power

-> Reichelt CSV Interf Conn

-> Reichelt CSV Interface

-> Reichelt CSV CPU

-> Reichelt CSV RAM

-> Reichelt CSV ROMs

-> Reichelt CSV Sound

-> Reichelt CSV Video

-> Reichelt CSV MIDI

-> Reichelt CSV Top

-> Components from other sources

Additional parts (not included):

Stacking Headers (23 mm, Picture 2): 14-16 pieces

Stacking Headers (19 mm, Picture 3): 2 pieces

Socket Connectors (12 mm, Picture 4): 2 pieces

Double Header Pins (20 mm, Picture 5): 3 pieces

Single Header Pins (19 mm, Picture 6): 2 pieces

WS2812 RGB LEDs: 14 pieces (Picture 7)