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With the Port-Switch64 (290x85mm) the connected peripherals (keyboard, joystick, S-Video, Audio) can be switched between 2x C64. The Port-Switch64 can be extended with a "Port-Switch64 Extension" board (290x60mm), which is mounted on top and allows to switch between 4x C64. Therefore there are already 4 buttons and 4 LEDs on the main board.

The C64 keyboards can be connected via the usual 20 pin header, as well as via HDMI sockets (using the HDMI Keyboard Adapter board). Furthermore the Port-Switch64 offers the possibility to connect a USB or Bluetooth keyboard instead of an original C64 keyboard. Everything can be used at the same time.

Finally it is possible to control the switching remotely. There are 5 extra pins on the board, which can be used to connect 4 switches. It is also possible to switch via a connected USB or Bluetooth keyboard.

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- "Port-Switch64"


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