Handheld 64 + MA8505

Handheld 64 + MA8505

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The dream of a C64 Handheld comes true (has about the size of a Gameboy).

Additionally there are "Handheld64 Covers" (in different colors) for an Anlog Stick or DPAD which you can order in the store (see below).


- Complete C64 keyboard in miniature form

- Analog Joystick or DPAD and 2 buttons ("Fire" and "Up")

- Internal Raspberry Pi Zerp slot (=> Pi1541 Zero)

- S-Video Port (optional)

- 12V DC Power Socket

- External joystick connections (2 x 7 pole plug connectors)

- A module can be inserted from above

- Dimensions approx. 107x159x40mm

Current consumption at 12V: approx. 350mA

A battery charger and discharge protection must be selected and installed by the user.

The following PCB boards are supplied (only the unpopulated PCBs, without components):

- Mainboard

- Keyboard

- Rear

- Gameport Adapter

- MA8505


- Informations


Components Ordering help (no claim to completeness, may be out of date):

- Reichelt CSV All

- Reichelt CSV Mainboard

- Reichelt CSV Keyboard


-> S-Video Color Test Tool