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The ATX64 board is 245mm x 245mm and fits into an ATX Micro case. The special thing about this new C64 are the 4 card slots, which are an elegant way to upgrade the C64 fast and easy, as well as to create new cards for it yourself. Currently there is a Soundcard with 8 SID sockets and an I/O card with 128 I/O ports. Furthermore the additional cards of the Modular64 fit.

In the rear part of the board is space for pluggable boards for Ports/Interfaces or additional features. So far there are 2 boards (more boards will follow) for the rear part, which can be stacked on top of each other:

- Video/Audio/Serial (internal Pi1541 Zero Floppy pluggable)

- Userport/Tapeport

The following PCB boards will be delivered (only the unpopulated PCBs, without components):

- ATX64

- Video/Audio/Serial board

- Userport/Tapeport board


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-> Multiple SIDs Test Tool

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