64 Tuning Board

64 Tuning Board

29.50 €


The "64 Tuning Board" offers many new possibilities:

- Tuning "HAT" slot for extensions (Midi, Code Injection, ...)

- Modulator slot for video developments

- Internal PI1541 Zero via adapter board pluggable

- MicroSD card slot option on board, for internal IEC boards

- Kernel switching for 4 kernels via the RESTORE key + RGB LED

- Kernel switching manually via 2 jumpers possible

- Char ROM switching manually via 2 jumpers possible

- Switchable to internal Video-RAM of the 252535

- Stripe Fix options already installed

- SRAM option on the board

- I2C connections

- 3 SID sockets

- Many easy to reach measuring points on the board (PHI, RAS, CAS, POTX, ...)

This makes the new board ideal for experimentation, analysis and expansion.

The following PCB boards are supplied (only the unassembled boards, without components):

- 64 Tuning Board


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