03.05.2021 - ATX64: Info-Document revised

VIC II and Stripe-Fix info added

26.04.2021 - Tuning Board: New "Restore Kernel Switch" Firmwares

Now there are 2 firmwares, one for an AT28C256 and one for a W27C512

25.04.2021 - Keyboard Remote Adpater Firmware Update

Fixed a problem with the cursor keys

17.04.2021 - Keyboard Remote Adpater Firmware Update

Fixed some small problems

16.04.2021 - Keyboard Remote Adpater, Bluetooth64 Keyboard, Macro Keyboard - Firmware Updates

For all three boards there is a new firmware, which brings small improvements

15.04.2021 - Keyboard Remote Adpater Firmware Update

Adapted to old C64 boards (black screen at boot)

10.04.2021 - Handheld64 ATTiny84A Firmwares

The ATTiny84A firmwares for DPAD and Analog Stick under "Files" added

01.03.2021 - Info Document for Handheld64 

Info Document for the final Handheld64 Version is available. In addition, all lists were renewed

17.02.2021 - Info Document for ATX64

Info Document for the ATX64 board is available

08.02.2021 - Information about the picture quality

In the information documents of almost all computer boards there are now two screenshots (each S-VIDEO) available with which you can compare your own C64 picture.

01.02.2021 - Remote Keyboard Adapter / Remote Keyboard Card - Firmware Update

A new firmware is available, in which the Restore key (hold) has been corrected.

28.01.2021 - Tube Beta 2 Notes

Information for Beta 2 is now available, and can be found on the Tube64 Release page, below under "Beta 1/2".

23.01.2021 - MIDI Monitor

A new version of the Midi Monitor is available. Since some system cartridges collide with the midi interface, and the midi interface must be activated later, there is now a wait routine that waits for the SPACE key to activate the midi interface.

21.01.2021 - SID Comparison Board

There is now a SID Comparison Board available, as well as a SID Comparison Card for the Modular64, which allows you to compare up to 3 different SIDs live.

19.01.2021 - ATX64 Beta Prototype available for pre-order

My new ATX64 board is now available for pre-order

19.01.2021 - S-ZAX Board (for Super Zaxxon)

My new S-ZAX Board (for Super Zaxxon) is now available under "Modules

13.01.2021 - Tube64 Firmware Beta 1 and Informations

The firmware for the Beta 1 boards has been updated, and some hints about LED control have been added.

The new C64 RGB light standard "C64LIGHT" is now introduced in the Tube64 Information document

06.01.2021 - English Patreon Site

Until now, my Patreon account and my posts were only available in German, because Patreon itself does not allow multilingual pages, which already some users complained about. Therefore I decided to offer an extra Patreon page in English, because most people in the world don't speak German, but English :-) =>

Everyone can choose a free financial support amount, or a Service Level. I have translated last week's posts to the new Patreon page. Normally I will post a few posts per day, or a post every 3-4 days.

22.12.2020 - Tube64 information updated

I have updated the Tube64 information document, and added more information about the build structure.

19.12.2020 - Handheld64 information updated

I have updated the Handheld64 information document, and added more information about the build structure.

18.12.2020 - Many board pages updated

Starting with the Tube64, over the Modular64, up to the Tuning Board, some small things were updated.

12.12.2020 - The new "TUBE64" (Beta) can be pre-ordered

If you would like to experiment with the new TUBE64 before the release, you are cordially invited to do so :-)

12.12.2020 - Modular64 / 470 Ohm 0.5W resistor

In the lists of the Modular64 (BOM/Reichelt) a normal or no 470 Ohm 0.5 Watt resistor (U55) is listed. However, the correct value is printed on the board. With all other boards (Tuning Board, Micro/Laptop, ...) the value in the lists is correct, as far as I could determine.

07.12.202 - Informations about the Beta Handheld64 boards

Informations about the Beta Handheld64 boards are now available

05.12.202 - Added new "MA8505" IC

I have created a new 5-times Switch IC for example: Joystick Port Switches